Meet Our Team

Trust the Dedication of New Mexico’s Foremost Educational Leaders

New Mexico Virtual Academy administrators are committed to ensuring the finest education possible for your children. From providing expert tools and strategies to teaching materials and parent support, our management is dedicated to making sure that you have what you need to deliver a well-rounded, enriching education to your children. 

NMVA Director: Dr. Kim Hite-Pope

Director of Operations: Lorraine Nobes

Learning Center Coordinator: Amy Begay

Assistant Learning Center Coordinator: Annie Miller

Registrar: Erin Benally

Testing, Data & Credit Recovery Coordinator: Kelli Loudermilk

Intake & Post-Secondary Coordinator: Rebecca Heilman

Teacher Contacts for Students and Parents:

Robin Alden, 575.815.4529

Nora Balsamo, 708.397.6672

Sam Balsmo, 708.397.6672

Angela Cano, 575.652.3023

Monica Garcia-Gabitzsch, 575.323.0972

Rebecca Heilman, 505.933.9710

Kim Hite-Pope, 505.609.8197

Kelli Loudermilk, 575.626.9756

Ashley Hatley, 575.202.5365

Lisa Lents, 505.750.3325

Trevor LeVan, 505.600.1792

Lorraine Nobes, 505.401.7579

Tamara Piburn, 505.596.0175

Rebecca Spencer, 505.469.4684

Marcus Wells, 575.556.9025